Friday, June 1, 2012

A Nuts and Berries Girl at Heart...

So, you're probably asking, what's the story behind the title "Nuts 'N' Berries Girl?"  I've been working in a law firm for these past few post-graduation years, and after seeing many of my (sometimes admittedly) strange food choices and concoctions (ever heard of To-Furkey?), my co-worker kindly dubbed me "Nuts and Berries Girl."  At first, I have to admit, I was a little offended.  Let's be honest, the nickname isn't exactly flattering.  I kept picturing my squirrel self gathering berries and bird food to munch on.  But, as I paid more attention to my individual meals, I realized that his nickname was spot-on.  I was literally eating some form of nuts and berries for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, including dessert!  My staples for breakfast include oatmeal with some kind of nut butter (almond, sunflower butter), or Shakeology with peanut butter and frozen berries (more on this amazing shake later).  My go-to midday snacks are cashews, pistachios, or trail mix, usually from Trader Joe's.  That store has one amazing nut and trail mix isle!  I love any fruit in berry form - strawberries, blueberries, (black)raspberries - topped on creamy yogurt or eaten by the handful.  Some type of berry or nut butter usually creeps into my dessert as well.  For my birthday dinner this year, as much as I LOVE chocolate, I decided instead to get a berry and ice cream tart.  Upon ordering it, my boyfriend immediately shot me a smile because I'm all too predictable.  ;)  Sidenote: It was DELICIOUS, and I certainly had no regrets at all about that berry birthday dessert!

Here's a snapshot of one of my typical snacks: berries, granola, plain yogurt, and peanut butter. Holy yum!

So, the nickname has stuck, and I must admit, I've taken a liking to it.  The fact is, I'm a foodie.  I love real, fresh, healthy food.  Yes, I'm picky, and some people think my cuisine preferences are downright odd, but I'm proud of what I eat.  Sure, I indulge at times because food is meant to be enjoyed (can someone say FROYO?!), but I have also decided to eat sensibly and choose food that fuels my body, even if it seems almost too healthy and weird to some people.  For me, food isn't a form of overindulgence or restriction, but rather, it's a form of nutrients used to fuel my activities, both physical and mental, AND it's a form of pleasure.  Taste and smell are two of the most important senses, and eating is the best way to put them to use!  I believe that healthy food can be beneficial, delicious, affordable, and convenient all at the same time.  I'm not vegan, gluten-free, 100% organic, and I'm not on a diet.  I love seafood, salads, sushi, yogurt (especially in frozen form, with Reese's and chocolate drizzled on top), and of course nuts and berries.  :)  I eat food that helps my body MOVE and food that makes me feel good, inside and out.  Oh, and in case you couldn't tell, I'm pro-dessert.  After all, life is all about balance.

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